Wednesday’s bug report

We’ve been working around the clock to correct the most urgent issues. Namely, IE browser compatibility issues and getting ALL of the tools current tools (uploading, sorting, COAs, & templates) working for ALL of our customers. Once this is done, we’ll start working on getting other tools back online (counters, stats, etc) and other individual technical issues.

We know this is rather poor timing since all of you are gearing up for the holiday season. We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience we know this is causing you. It’s my sincere hope to make this right for each and every one of you as soon as possible.

In the interim, hang in there, kids! And please, give Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Opera a try. (Pretty please!)

I’ll report back as soon as there’s news. And now, back to the grindstone I go!



16 thoughts on “Wednesday’s bug report

  1. You guys have been working hard! I am waiting to view the changes till you have worked through the initial responses. Since I use a Mac, I might be picking up on a whole nother set of issues, but I hope not!

    Kudos to all of you on staff for quite an undertaking

    1. While uploads are currently down for everybody, we’ve actually had very few Safari-centric issues (assuming that’s your Mac browser of choice). IE has been the big problem this go-round.

      Fingers crossed that everything will be working properly soon! And thanks, as always, for your support, Carmen!

  2. hello,
    I’ve got IE 8 , nothing seems to work now except this blog.
    And the page looks kind of odd. Not nice like it used to but I guess
    that will fix too. All this white is blinding.
    Anyway there’s still ETSY for holiday sales.
    If this isn’t fixed till next month will you be running the same art
    shows over again?
    Hate to miss any…:-)

    Mary Anne

    1. We will indeed keep the shows open for an extended amount of time.

      Sorry the white isn’t working for you. Surprised, though, since you’re an Etsy fan and their background is actually slightly “starker” than ours, lol. Our white is the same colour that it’s been on all of the main-site text pages and art detail pages for half a decade, lol.

  3. Can’t seem to post on the forum so I came back here.
    I just found my portfolio! …that was nice.
    background colors are all ‘off’ in my commissions and statement parts.
    Please say the white will go away soon. It’s everywhere and way too

    1. Alas, the white is here to stay.

      Could you further explain what’s going on with your forum login issues? Are you remembering that it’s a separate login at the top of the page? Also, there’s a good chance your password for the forums is not the same as your password for the main site. They only stay synchronized at the time of creation. Once you update your password in one place, it needs to be updated in the other as well if you want them both to be the same. This is because the forums are a 3rd party piece of software and uses its own unique database.

    2. I remember that the forums are a diff login but it won’t allow me to even look at my sign in and password. I had to change ISP providers and so my email changed so I would need to re register for forums but it won’t let me it just goes to an error page when I click on “register.”

  4. I am loving the larger sizes of the images & even the detail images! The ‘Hope’ exhibit links to the breast cancer art this morning & hopefully you will be able to post the results of the voting in last month’s shows? I have to agree I am not as pleased with all the white background as it pales the art…

    Thank you so much for your efforts on this new upgrade – I know it must be a can of worms to work through it all…


  5. I don’t envy you the bugs, I know how maddening it can be. Sure will be nice in the end though.
    About the white (I know..again) When I studied Art Direction and Design it always amazed me how plain black could bring out the faintest pastels but white just washed out the color.
    Sometimes the finest script and html code writers don’t understand color as well as they do code.
    I hope the color changes but in the meantime I’m wearing sunglasses…lol (eye fatigue for patrons too)

    It’s a huge job for you. Keep up the good work!

    PS: Main page is beautiful ..especially the black background, I can feel my eyes relax
    as soon as I focus on the black areas. Just teasing you a little but it’s the truth…:)

    1. We changed the black background because of usability and eye fatigue issues for the bulk of our website patrons. Web accessibility issues are very important to us and we stand by our change, even if the new version is less aesthetically pleasing to some than a dramatic black background.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Well I guess I can try to upload art again! Yessss…:-)
    Maybe your techies can make it where we can choose and use our own background colors
    like on etsy…won’t change it for the patrons but my old eyes neeeeed less glare.
    Just one of those awful but true facts of aging I’m afraid.

    You’ve inspired me to re do my own website now!

    Mary Anne

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