Evening bug report

Well, today wasn’t exactly the launch day we’ve been dreaming of for months. A lot of the things that worked in development simply aren’t working as expected when hit with a ton of traffic and real users. Most notable of the issues is that pretty much every single site feature that queries our database is broken in Internet Explorer (IE). We’re working on resolving those issues so there’s smooth sailing across all browser platforms. In the interim, might we suggest giving Chrome, Firefox, or Opera a try?

Uploads and new COA creation still isn’t available. Trust me when I say that’s our top priority. We are literally nothing without your art! Templates do seem to be working in some browsers, but not in others.

Stats and counters are still on the waiting list. They’ll be coming after the more pressing tech issues have been addressed.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a long, hard, miserable day, and I totally feel the same frustrations you all do. But the silver lining (for me, anyhow)  is that I got to interact with so many of you, including people I haven’t heard from in ages (hi!)  here in our blog, on the forums, via twitter, via email, and even on my personal facebook page! Thank you for the good feedback. And the bad! We hear you, and when all of the kinks are worked out, we’re going to have an even better site thanks to each and every one of you.



9 thoughts on “Evening bug report

  1. Sorry for your frustration…I am attempting to go with the flow as everything develops. I haven’t gotten frustrated yet cause I know yours is 10 times worse than mine and that you guys are working as hard as you can. Wishing you a speedy site recovery!!! …(-:

  2. You know with every change comes challenges, but the end result will be worth it.
    Hang in there and might I suggest a glass of wine or two! 🙂

  3. It looks beautiful. The main page is a knock-out! So you guys take it easy, you’ve been working awfully hard and we all appreciate it.

  4. I’ve been with EBSQ for maybe six years and you’ve always been great.
    I’ll be very glad when you’re back fully functional but I can wait.
    Forget how reliant on EBSQ I am.
    Like Sherry said, no one would be stressing more than you.
    Thanks for the hard work and good luck!

  5. I was in the midst of tracking visitors as result of some promotions.. So I am hoping we will have stats for November and October.

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