Morning bug report

In case you missed it, we relaunched last night! It’s been a big bug extermination fest since then. I don’t think even we here at EBSQ fully appreciated how many moving parts we have until we started tracking down issues we didn’t realize would be a problem.  Here’s a list of what we’re working on as known issues:

Counters are still counting, but can’t be deleted or cleared just yet. You can find them here:

We are aware AOTD did not go out quite as we expected. Those issues were addressed last night and everything should go out as planned tomorrow.

We’ve gotten email inquiries regarding stats. This feature isn’t live yet but will be available again soon.

We’re aware EBSQ logos in existing templates aren’t showing up yet. That will be fixed later today.

Search still seems to be pointing to the development server’s database. That will also be fixed later today.

Some members appear to be missing artist statements; we’re looking into why now.

Some members have mentioned their ArtCase is loading very slowly or getting stuck. We’re also looking into that issue.

Do you have a bug you’d like to report? Please do so in our Tech Support Forum so we can easily keep track of all of the issues in one centralized place.

Thank you all for your patience with this process. Hopefully we’ll get over the early speedbumps soon and get back to some smooth sailing.



5 thoughts on “Morning bug report

  1. I hope that with this change…I can upload my pictures, and use the EBSQ template to sell on Ebay…right?

    My page is not in black…or now is white?

    Hope you finished very soon.:)


    1. Cyra,

      Yes, you will be able to do those things shortly. We’re still fixing a few problems with uploading/templates. Look for that to be fixed *hopefully* by early afternoon/late evening.

      And yes, your page does indeed look different now, but the unique url remains the same:

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