Aaaaand we’re live!

Thanks for your patience today, folks! The first stage of the relaunch is done! Now, I want to caution that what you see is a work in progress. We know there are some functions that aren’t completely live yet, and we’re squashing bugs as quickly as we find them.

Check it out!

We’ve asked folks to report bugs directly on the EBSQ Tech Support Forum. Now just a reminder (since a few moments ago, I forgot myself) that you WILL have to log back into the forums at the top of the page to be able to post. Since everything was changed over, it’s not going to remember your cookies. If folks need help accessing the forum, give us a holler at and we’ll get to you as soon as we can during normal office hours tomorrow.

So–whaddaya think? Was it worth the wait? What’s your favourite new bit?


6 thoughts on “Aaaaand we’re live!

    1. Lily,

      That’s actually one of the things that isn’t completely integrated yet. You *can* view your counters here:

      But you won’t be able to generate new stand-alone counters yet, nor delete/clear existing ones. Keep an eye on the blog since we’ll be letting folks know when all previous functionality is back online.

      Thanks for your question!

  1. Looks wonderful…of course I was comfortable with the old layout…kind of like my favorite pair of worn out shoes, so this will take some getting used to…Sherry

  2. none of my stuff works, it can be uploaded but cant be retrieved – it gives me errors all over the place, i have Mac, wtf, you guys :)when can i expect to be able to use this again? seriously:) O.

    1. Olie, I just re-tested all of the links and they’re working for me. What’s happening when you click them?

      Also, we know the tools aren’t working properly. We’re truly sorry about that and have been working on them non-stop since early Monday morning. We hope to have everything working as expected soon!

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