Mid-relaunch update

We’ve been working on the actual launch of the relaunch for the past few hours. Here’s where things stand.  All of your data has been backed up. We’re now in the process of marrying all of the data bits on the old (current) site to all of the corresponding bits in the new version of the code. Meaning no offense to the doctors out there, but it’s a bit like surgery as each piece is meticulously stitched up, and it’s unfortunately a time-consuming process.

Once we’ve connected all of the A’s to all of the B’s (yes, I am bringing out every metaphor in the book today, lol) you’ll see what a amounts to an entirely new website using all of your original data. It’ll take a wee bit of time to make sure everything is working properly.  Once we’re sure everything is stable (ish) and happy, we’ll leave read-only status and you’ll be able to play.

One word of warning: not all of the features that were available on the old site will be live right away. We want to make sure everything is more or less working before we add in more moving parts.  I want to thank each and every one of you in advance for your patience with this process.

Onward and upward!



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