Get ready for the next decade of EBSQ!

Here’s the announcement that you’ve all been waiting for: the next decade of EBSQ kicks off with a total-site makeover within the next 24 hours! We wanted to give you a heads up as to what to expect. As we change the new code over from the beta site to the main servers, things will temporarily go into read-only mode. That means you won’t be able to post new items on the forums, upload art, generate COAs or templates, or otherwise modify your profiles. If you’re planning to list new auctions this weekend or prep artwork to ship with an EBSQ COA, for example, it might be a good idea to upload your images and prepare your templates in advance.

Now, we’re expecting things to be *mostly* bug free, but we’re counting on you guys to keeps us on our toes and give the new site code a good work out and help us to find all the issues that simply won’t be apparent until the site is getting normal use. Report your bugs in the EBSQ tech support forum (please try to use descriptive titles instead of just “Help!”), and please if you have a bug, we ask that you check and see if it’s already being handled before reporting it again. And if it’s something new, PLEASE let us know because if you’re having a problem, likely some other member is as well. They thank you in advance for speaking up.

Thanks for your patience and for sticking with EBSQ. This new release is just the beginning. The best is yet to come!


One thought on “Get ready for the next decade of EBSQ!

  1. ooo, can’t wait to see the new EBSQ! I’ve been checking in off and on today to see if things have changed yet.

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