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Blogging can either be a joy or seem like a form of torture, sometimes even both. We live in an age where people not only ask, “Do you have a website?” but also “Do you have a blog?” In some cases blogs have even taken over the role of website. Here are some words of wisdom from our very own EBSQ Bloggers.

Amie: Write. Even on the days you don’t want to write, write. Share your work. Share some thoughts. Share someone else’s post you really enjoyed and want to riff on. Consistency is the key. And it’s so hard. But your writing will be better for it, and your audience will appreciate knowing they can depend upon you for something new to think about on a regular basis.

Melissa: You have a blog. You want people to read your blog. Speaking for myself, the absolute worst thing you can do is let it languish. If I check your blog regularly and there is rarely anything new to read, I am going to stop checking in. I’m not saying post something every day and I’m not saying that every post has to be pithy, riveting and informative. Brief is fine on occasion. I would rather read something short and engaging than long winded and dull. Pictures are good, too. You have a camera phone, so use it. If you see something that you think is funny or interesting, take a picture. It can make great blog content when paired with a few lines of explanation. There are all manner of things you can do make your blog a place people want to stop by. Explore the possibilities and resources. Your blog should reflect you and say what you want to say, but not everything in your post has to be thoughtful text wrested from your soul. Enjoy what you are doing, do it regularly and readers will follow.

Amanda: Beware the dark side–multimedia overload. As artists we all want our blogs to be beautiful and inviting. But there is such a thing as too much decoration, too many widgets, too much clutter. It can be incredibly frustrating trying to read a blog that is overloaded with fluff. Worse are the music players that begin assaulting your ears before you’ve had a chance to read one word. Don’t forget, people come to your blog (including potential buyers) to read what you have to say. They want to know more about you and your art, not be bogged down by games, widgets, and endless slow-loading images. Ask yourself this question, when people come to my blog are they looking at my super cool blog background or the painting I just posted? Don’t let your blog overpower your art and your thoughts! Find a balance, so the two compliment one another–not fight each other for attention.

Thinking about starting a blog? We recommend: WordPress.com, Blogger.com, LiveJournal or for something a little different Tumblr.com.


3 thoughts on “EBSQ on Blogging

  1. All good advice!!!

    Amanda…there are a few artist’s blogs I have tried to go to but the large pictures and all the stuff that had to load took so long I gave up and left. That is probably the number one deterrent for me. I won’t go back now because I know it will take too long, and I can go to other interesting blogs I can easily get into. Good stuff!!

  2. This is a great article. Good idea to keep your blog fresh and also make it clean. Going from one website to another or a list of blogs can really give me a headache. As time goes on and more and more artists blog and offer their art to the public, I’ve tried to become more selective about what I take the time to look at and read. Thanks for plugging away at one of America’s favorite pass-times.

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