An Evening with Artist Pat Burns

Under ordinary circumstances artists of online communities rarely meet up beyond the computer monitor, but there are always exceptions. When I learned that EBSQ’s Pat Burns would be a mere twenty miles from my home, for a gallery event, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Last Thursday my daughter and I headed out to another small town in the south, for an evening of fine art, wine (for me), and snacks.

Artist - Pat Burns

The evening event took place at Magnolia Gallery, just outside Greensboro, GA. They specialize in southern art of all mediums and genres, but with a strong emphasis on Nature and Still Life. Pat’s paintings, especially her paintings on stone were a perfect match for this beautiful setting. If you’ve never seen one these paintings on slate outside of a photograph, you really are missing out.

Survival by Pat Burns
Even my photographs don't do them justice!

As Pat took us on a tour of the gallery she shared with me the process involved when painting on slabs of slate. Two things you cannot tell from a photograph:

  1. The colors on these paintings are incredibly rich and the varnish gives them the slightest glow.
  2. The texture you think you see from the painting is actually straight from the shape and ripples in the stone.

Pat encourages people to feel the paintings, to run their fingers over the surface. Only then do you realize what you are really seeing. My daughter and I were enthralled and soon other visitors began to flock around Pat to listen to her talk about the stones.

Stone Paintings by Pat Burns

We were lucky enough to also have a look at beginnings of her next painting on shale. Can you believe that stone was not cut to the shape you see? Pat makes no changes to the original stone. Inspiration hits her when she “sees” something in the folds and textures. Wow!

Thank you, Pat for making our evening a delight. My daughter enjoyed listening to your talk as much as I, and for once she was allowed to touch a piece of art. I hope we are able to meet up again in the future!

You can view more of Pat’s art on her website, and in her EBSQ Portfolio.



4 thoughts on “An Evening with Artist Pat Burns

  1. Wow, Amanda… what a nice article! I really enjoyed meeting you and your daughter. Let me know when you are showing your fabulous rock paintings anywhere in the area so that I can see them in person. Nothing takes the place of being in front of the real thing!!

  2. wonderful reading about the visit to see you and your art and how spontaneous and rewarding. did you know she was coming. and I love the explanation she gave about your painting on the stone and with the stone.

  3. Amanda responded to a post on my blog that I was going to be at Magnolia Gallery. The article and pictures were completely Amanda’s idea… and I am so grateful, as she explained my stone work better than I do!

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