Artist Guide: Tell The Story

We forget sometimes that there is an art to presenting the work as well.

What is the story behind a painting?

What motivates you everyday to create?

Where are your personal interests?

People want to know these things. It gives spirit to your art. It helps them envision, imagine and understand. It empowers some to envision their own ideas.

How will you tell your story? How will you write the story of your art?

Sharing on the web is a magical way to share the journey with your collectors. In bits and pieces or epic blog tales. You can decide how much or how little you share, the color of your story or even if it shall be a fictional nom de brush tale (personas) or a vivid, personal experience of your real life.


1. TWITTER – The number one microblogging communication tool right now on the web. It’s integrated into websites and used in a variety of ways. Decide if you want it to be a tool for progress photos, storytelling or communication between you and the people.

2. BLOG/SITE – Second most powerful tool right now. It’s simply having a website that allows you to update on a regular basis and generate traffic as well as allow people to be notified everytime you update. You can use your blog to tell stories, share content, connect them to events, places and things you are part of or create your own invented ideas. (Examples: “Art A Day” blogs, Scavenger hunt blogs, Short story blogs, etc) Decide how you want to share and what you will share. For starters, I really recommend Pagely that makes using WordPress sites so easy and allows you to integrate javascript and other coding that other free sites don’t allow you to use.

3. PHOTOBLOGS– Sites like Flickr or Dailybooth have a HUGE community of creative photographers and artists sharing their work in a variety of creative ways. I’ve talked about how to use Dailyboothcreatively. You can decide if you want to share preview pieces, progress pics, hints of original work or experimental ideas.

4. PODCASTS – Using sites like BlogTalk, Odeo, Utterli or Cinch to share your self talking about your work, about your everyday moves, etc. can be an exciting way for people to connect with you. Maybe you want to share music that inspires you as you create or talk to other creatives about your work. You could even create sound art with this. You choose.

5. CURATION BLOGGING – Sites like Tumblr (and perhaps even LiveJournal) allow you to share content/blogs to a group of people that follow you on the site. They are allowed to comment, “Love” or reblog your posts to others. Tumblr in particular is highly used by creatives to share beautiful and creative content (photos, art, writing). It’d be wonderful use to share your inspirations, your favorite quotes, etc. Anything in particular that inspires and empowers your own work, specifically.

6. VIDEOBLOGGING – Whether you offer painting videos, spoken stories or a video log of your work for the day, you are sharing a part of your work in a more tangible manner that is unattainable simply through text or picture. You are letting the world see the artist “live” and to see the work in a more 3 dimensional level. Not as good as the “in person” experience but one step closer. USE that. Sites likeVimeo have a very creative, talented community of people, Youtube has the large traffic and Viddler is a smaller site that offers more possibilities in exposure.

Learn to tell your story and take the time to do that. It’s a very important part about your work that should not be ignored or shelved away. It’s the lifeblood of your career and of every piece of work that you do, regardless if your direction is commercial or fine art.


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