It’s time to Think Pink

I wanted to draw some extra attention to our annual fundraise to benefit the Susan G Komen Foundation’s Passionately Pink initiative.

Think Pink 2010: An EBSQ Benefit Exhibit

It’s s something that impacts us all in one way or another. Whether it’s a mother or a wife; a sister, a friend, ourselves – someone in our lives will get breast cancer. That someone could even be your father, brother, husband or son. When you participate in an event that benefits research, care and support or education, it makes you feel like you are doing something positive – something small that when added to all the other small contributions, becomes a greater whole that makes a difference. This month EBSQ wants to be a part of that equation and we invite everyone to join us.

Think Pink” has one general requirement: the colour pink must in some way figure prominently in every entry. The media and the subject matter are up to you. What compelled you to choose your subject and to depict it the way you did should be a part of your statement. Details on how you created your piece should also be included. Honest exploration, humour, stark examination and inspiration are all welcome and encouraged.

Eligible entries need to meet all points of the prospectus. If you have any questions regarding the prospectus and its requirements, please send them to

EBSQ is offering a $150 cash prize to the Member’s Choice winner*

Entry Instructions:

This show has special entry requirements

* Because this show is a fundraiser, we ask that you consider donating $10 or more directly to EBSQ’s Passionately Pink Team at Susan G Komen for every piece you enter. While this is entirely voluntary, only participants who donate will be eligible for awards at the close of the show.

Interested in sponsoring this show beyond our initial $150 cash prize? Drop us a line! . To add an entry to any show:

  • Upload your art or search your artcase for the piece you’d like to enter.
  • Select “enter show” from the pull-down menu at the right hand side of this item (the default says “edit”) and click the “go” button.
  • Find the show you wish to enter and read over the prospectus to make sure your piece meets all of the requirements. If you feel you’re good to go, click “enter.”
  • That’s it; you’re all done!

Artists may submit up to 5 pieces per show.