EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Emily White

For the month of October, Tuesday’s will focus on EBSQ Bloggers who create imaginative artworks of Fantasy, Whimsy and the Spooky! First up is a wonderful artist who may be most well known for her mermaids and dragons, but anything in the world of the fantastic can catch her imagination!

Artist Emily White

Who and where are you?

My name is Emily White.  I am currently a resident of Amherst, Massachusetts.  I have a full time cooking job at a local restaurant, and I also run my art business- www.darklingtreasures.com – out of my studio.  I’m just a regular person living an irregular life. To sum it up, I am a reclusive, dorky workaholic.

Pumpkin Pie
How did you get started art blogging?

Through my research on “how to get my art out there”, I discovered that having a blog is a *really* good thing.  So, I found some other artists, and people blogging about other things I am interested in, and I started by reading their blogs.  I’ve also always been highly curious about the people behind the art; how they are feeling, their internal motivations, their dreams, their lives.  After all, they are not simply art machines.  So, I wanted to try to write about my creative journey, and myself, along with the art I create.


Any tips for any other EBSQ art bloggers?

Tips, tips…hmmm…I will say, for the technical point of getting your posts noticed, keywords and relevance are very important.  Be sure you are *writing* about your piece- search engines like relevant text. Don’t just put up a few pictures with titles and links. Describe your art; explain how it came to be.  Also, browsing other blogs, other artists, reviewers, things of interest, then reading said blogs and leaving comments and creating relationships with other bloggers is always nice, and can be mutually beneficial.  And, though it has been said a thousand times, updating your blog regularly will keep readers in the habit of checking in.

On a more personal point, don’t be dry. Be yourself.  Ramble a little.  Let your personality and your feelings show through.  It’s not just about the art- while the art in question may be moving, inspirational, controversial, etc- it is important to make a “personal” connection with your readers.  Make them feel welcome, like you have invited them over to hang out for a bit.  Blogging should not be a chore on your to do list, it should be something you take pleasure and excitement in doing.

The Scaly Heart

Musical inspiration and/or rituals while you are working?

I will listen to almost any type of music, though country music often makes me cry and/or makes me sleepy.  I love swing, lounge, hip hop, and metal best.  Keeps my blood flowing.  Sometimes, I have quiet days, where I just listen to the birds and the waterfall just outside my studio.  As for rituals, I don’t really have any, but I have to have my morning cup of coffee with me while I paint, and then in the afternoon I have a cup of tea, or even juice. I always make sure to consciously greet my muse a good day each morning.

Low Tide

What’s next from your easel?

Well, I don’t actually use an easel, but that is beside the point.  I am currently working on a Circus & Side Show portfolio/poetry/prose book, ongoing projects such as my jester pin up illustrations, the inevitable zombie art, and the never ending parade of fantasy ACEOs, among many other things. I keep myself really busy to stay out of trouble.  Of course, you can always get the latest updates and art from my blog, heh heh…


Thank you Emily for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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