Team EBSQ-Etsy Featured Showcase: Shades of Green

This month’s Team EBSQ-Etsy theme was Shades of Green. For some of us, the Greens of Spring and Summer will soon be a thing of memories as Autumn and Winter approach us in the Northern Hemisphere. Let’s go out with a blast of color!

Green Glass Mug by Barbara Haviland Grannies by Steven King Moon Landscape by Sherry Key Green Dichroic Pendant by Carmen Trueheart Curiosity by Amanda Makepeace Digit Floating in the Milky Way by Sherry Key Sunlight in the Jungle by Stephanie D'Aigle The Forest of Wic by Amanda Makepeace Nereus Favor Ring of Wisdom by Marvin Lee Billings Dragon and Teddy Bear by Melia Newman uspension No. 2 by Sarah John Afana Wave Spiral Necklace by Wandie Ortiz eaded Dome Needle Felted Bracelet by Harlan Butteryfly Kiss by Sherry Key New Leaves by Elibazeth Fiedel

Featured above are: Barbara Haviland, Steven King, Sherry Key, Carmen Trueheart, Amanda Makepeace, Stephanie D’Aigle, Marvin Lee Billings, Melia Newman, Sarah John Afana, Wandie Ortiz, Harlan, and Elizabeth Fiedel.

Next month’s theme: Dia de los Muertos


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