Call for children’s illustrators

the following is a guest post by children’s author Edward Trayer

Anybody out there fancy illustrating a new children’s book?

My name is Edward Trayer and I‘m a children’s book author living in London. I’m the author of a number of popular novels including The Gospel According to Felicity Brady and A Wishing Shelf Tale.

Presently, I’m writing a novel called The Gullfoss Legends. The story follows a girl living in Iceland called Sigri who walks all the way to Reykjavik to persuade the then Danish king to stop the evil English building a dam on her beloved waterfall, Gullfoss.

I’m looking for an artist who might be interested in drawing 15 illustrations for the book (one for each of the 15 chapters) The drawings can be quite simple, the book being aimed at 8 to 10 year olds and must be in black and white.

So, what’s in it for you? Well, here’s the deal. I just completed a mammoth 80 school book tour in London publicising my books and talking to over 20,000 students. I will be following this up with a 160 school book tour to publicise The Gullfoss Legends and I will ensure your drawings and your name form an integral part of the workshops I do in the schools. Secondly, you get paid! Yes, it’s true. Not a lot, but you do. Basically, 1 percent of the gross profit (profit prior to tax). The book will be selling for 12.95 British pounds, approx. gross profit on each book will be 8 pounds and you will get 1 percent of that on a yearly basis so long as your illustrations remain in the book.

Still interested? Then, send me an email to by Sunday 8th August (this Sunday) and tell me a bit about yourself and your work. I will then send you CHAPTER ONE of the book. You will then have until Friday 13th August to illustrate the chapter, scan it and send it to me (1 drawing only). All of the drawings sent in will then be looked at by me and my editor and a winner chosen. The winner will then be sent a contract plus the remaining 14 chapters to illustrate (1 drawing for each). Now, this is the important bit. You will have only until Sunday 5th September to complete all the drawings, so if this is too tight a schedule for you, please don’t enter. But remember, the drawings can be rather simple and no colour is needed.

If you wish to find out a bit more about my work, I suggest you Google me. Also, take a look at my website On there is a picture of the initial draft of the dustjacket for The Gullfoss Legends.

Good luck!

Edward H Trayer