EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

1. Subterranean -Sara John Afana explains her amazing new painting and all the materials that went into its making.

Subterranean by Sara John Afana

2. Squeeze that Tube – Don’t waste that paint! Harlan shows you how to get that little last bit out of the tube.

3. Art and Fear – Artists experience creative “blocks” just like writers. Linda O’Neill offers up a great book on the subject of releasing your creativity.

4. It is Time to RIP OFF – Torrie Smiley discusses her options and partners for the annual Ripped Off Show.

5. Tulips, the Beginning – Artist Ann Buckner is sharing how it’s done with these wonderful videos showing the first stages of her watercolor painting.

Have a great weekend and keep blogging!


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