EBSQ Spotlight on Photography: Colour: Leea Baltes

This month’s featured gallery is Photography: Colour. Photography lets us briefly stop time and capture tangible moments. Whether spontaneous or crafted, what our eyes see is frozen forever. When the photograph is in colour, we will always have the blue of the sky, the flush of a cheek, and every colour the world presents us. During the month of June, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of the EBSQ photographers that enjoy capturing the world in colour.

Leea Baltes

Afternoon Stroll - Leea Baltes

I feel that the colors that surround us, in the different seasons, in the heavens and throughout the entire universe is a wonderful and gracious gift from God. I was captivated by the colors in nature as a very young child and to this day I can close my eyes and still see the beautiful bouquet of lilacs that I took to my first grade teacher. Or the brilliant yellow leaves of the maple tree against a bright blue autumn sky. Summer is my favorite season because of all the shades of green and all of the beautiful flowers. I am reminded of the song “What A Wonderful World”. What a wonderful gift from above! – Leea Baltes

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