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Art: Untitled (after Da Vinci) by EBSQ Artist Dorota Quiroz  One of the cool (and under-pimped) perks of paid EBSQ membership is our digital sketchbook section of the private member forums. EBSQ Topic Host Aimee Dingman just put together a handy guide for participation:

Participating is extremely simple! Here’s the official announcement guidelines.

1. Start a thread with a subject naming your sketchbook. Example: “Kate’s Book” or “Sketches by Harriet Q. Snapdragon”. This will be your “sketchbook”. Please, do not start individual threads for individual pieces!

2. In your initial post, you can introduce yourself if you like, or preface the kind of work you’re currently doing, what materials you use, etc.

3. Upload photos to a third-party service and post them in your personal thread with the “add image” button OR you may upload them as attachments using the forum software. Keep them under 600 pixels wide to be considerate.

4. Be creative! Post musings, thoughts, ideas, sketches, experiments–any process work that you’d like to share. This is especially nice when you don’t have time for a WIP or haven’t finished anything in a while. Use your digital sketchbook like a private area to share ideas, inspirations, and exercises. Please use your best judgment as to what is, and isn’t a sketch. Works in Progress – taking a sketch and finishing it to a high level – are better suited for Critiques.

5. Be considerate with nude images. When in doubt, post a link or warn in the title of your sketchbook. Nothing is barred from being in your sketchbook, but please show consideration for those on public/work computers.

6. Comment on each other!

That’s it! Post what you want, when you want, without any pressure to finish work, and no obligation to post all the time (like a public blog). Let’s inspire each other!

Want your own digital sketchbook? If you’re a paid member, just stop by the EBSQ Forums. Not yet a member? Consider joining today!


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