EBSQ Friday Five goes Nibblefesting!

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere. This week’s is a special addition to highlight EBSQ Artist who have blogged about their Nibblefest entries! Can you guess this month’s theme?


1. Cocoa – Christine E. Striemer is a new member of EBSQ, from Saskatchewan, Canada. I love her Nibblefest entry, Cocoa!

2. Cat Nap – EBSQ Artist, Patience, captures the “how dare you wake me up” look perfectly!

3. Black Cat and Green Tea -Ah, relaxation! Lisa Nelson’s take on the theme is so soothing.

4. Black Cat -Aimee Dingman took time out from her busy schedule to revive a forgotten old friend.

5. Four Fabulous Felines – Sherry Key went all out, creating a whimsical and fun bunch of Cat ACEOs.

Have a wonderful weekend and go place those bids!


6 thoughts on “EBSQ Friday Five goes Nibblefesting!

  1. NFAC is a blast this month for anyone who even mildly likes cats. Thanks so much for including Black Cat and Green Tea! Lisa

  2. So much fun to be included here — I really so appreciate it. And here’s to the Nibblefest Art Contest — such a fun concept, I look forward to it every month!

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