EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Vera Dennen

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week always has a piece of art in the works. One of things I like most about her portfolio is the diverse subjects she’s explored. There’s always something new and vibrant to be seen and the same can be said for her blog!

Who and where are you?

Vera Dennen, and I live in middle America, right in the heartland with lots of open space! Have lived on both coasts, which I will never regret having done, but am glad to be back with my roots now as well.

Weeds, 24" x 30" oil

How did you get started art blogging?

Began to blog as a way to share my work after having numerous requests for more information through my web site. Do have a few blogs with more deeper thoughts of my own, but mostly try to add some interest is trying new media, new methods, and new artistic horizons for follow artists as I believe this is the way we all grow.

Mustang II, 20" x 34" oil

Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

Speak from the heart. There Julia and Julia was not wrong (although I think that title is), just let your feelings roll as if off of your tongue; then others can better relate. Not only about what you did to achieve such and such new affect, but perhaps what caused you to try this style to begin with, or what trials and errors were involved before final achievement.

Feeding Time at the Zoo, 21.5"x28.5"x2" Watercolor

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

I have on major news networks, where I can keep up with what is going on in the world, but do not have to look at the TV while doing it. This is not for everyone however, as all of the news is not good. CNN being my favorite, and Hardball on MSNBC. Because I have lived in such a variety of settings in my life, guess my need to be broadly informed may be greater than many. To tell the truth, do envy those artists who turn up the music and paint while they listen.

Growing Season, 18" x 24" x 3/4" Watercolor mounted on Canvas

What’s coming next from your easel?

Am working on a second Mustang, smaller in size this time, and pre-stretched on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Mustang III, about a week away from finish yet I would guess. But have many paintings lined up in different stages of work, watercolors receiving glazes, others being mounted, several oils in the works, drying, etc., and some having floater frames being added as well. What ever pops up and yells “finish me” the loudest will be next. Anyway, that’s the way it usually works best for me.


Thank you Vera for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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