EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Gwen Bell

This weeks EBSQ blogger takes her inspiration from the world around, including everyday objects. Paint brush in hand, she brings to life a bowl of fruit, a loved pet, and a child’s amusement. It’s impossible not to smile when browsing her diverse portfolio!

Who and where are you?

I am a self-taught artist living in Dallas, TX.  My family has lived in Dallas for 5 generations so I feel very rooted here. My 2 sons are grown and I am now in a position to commit to full time painting. I am relatively new to Fine Art Painting. My background is in Commercial Art which is an entirely different animal. A little over a year ago I began pursuing Art for Art’s sake, experimenting with style and small goals of moving my work forward.

Green & Blue, 6X6, oil on masonite

How did you get started art blogging?

I read an article in the newspaper about a local artist who was a “Daily Painter”. It mentioned her Blog and how it has been instrumental in her art career. I had never heard of either Daily Painting or Blogs so I Googled them and discovered an exciting new world. Blogging has been such a wonderful experience! I initially thought of my Blog as a way to track my progress but soon discovered that it was a doorway to a very supportive, encouraging community of Artists.
My Blog has also become my best marketing tool. The majority of the paintings I sell are sold through the Blog. I make sure to have a Paypal Button on all posts making it convenient for viewers to purchase a piece. Many of the commissioned pieces I’ve received have also been through Blog contacts or Followers. I do not have a website so I use my EBSQ Profile/Portfolio as a Portfolio for my clientele.

Marbles, 10 X 10 oil on masonite

Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

The most important tip is: Post Consistently & Post Often! Blog Followers like to see something new, grow bored very quickly and move on if there isn’t something new to see. I rarely let a week go by without posting something new. If I don’t have a new painting I will post an older one and write something witty about what is going on. I always keep the subject Art related. After all, it is an ART Blog, not a Facebook page.
I consider my Blog a very valuable marketing tool and treat visiting and commenting on other Blogs as part of my “job”. I currently have over 211 Followers and try to visit as many of their Blogs as I can and always leave a comment. Over the course of a month I will visit all of them. I also have Favorite Blogs that I comment on each time they post. I never know who reads their comments and who will click on the icon by my comment and discover my work. Many of my Followers found me through other Artist’s Blogs.
I attempt to trade links with my Favorite Bloggers. More links equal higher hits on search engines. I choose Artists I admire and who have a lot of Followers themselves. I never ask someone to link me. Instead, I contact them, compliment their work and ask if I may link them to my Blog.  I find many times they will reciprocate by linking me to theirs.

Lemon Basil, 6 x 6 oill on masonite

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

I listen to Pandora.com. It is an amazing site where you can program your own music stations. I keep the sound low, and depending on the mood, will listen to soothing Ambient Spa Music/Nature Sounds, Alternative Rock or Old 60’s-70’s Bubblegum. Regardless of the Genre, there must be music when I am creating!

Tea & Quackers, 6X 6 oil on masonite

What’s coming next from your easel?

I seem to be settling on Still Lives. I have recently changed my painting surface from Primed Masonite to Raymar Canvas Panels. I like the hard surface and the tooth of the canvas, plus, unlike Masonite, it is Archival quality. I love the square format. Although I will always paint the 6 X 6 size for my Blog, I would like to start doing some 16 X 16 & 20 X 20 paintings with the goal of showing in Galleries.


Thank you Gwen for the an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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6 thoughts on “EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Gwen Bell

  1. I am so proud of my sister, Gwen. Being 8 years older, I can recall as early as when she was 2 or 3, she was already an artist! I am so happy to see her “living her life” as a painter AND accomplished musician. She is currently taking lead guitar lessons – but plays guitar and mandolin and piano by ear.

    The beautiful thing about her is she can enjoy and be involved in her art and music for the rest of her life. It keeps her young, happy, content and productive. It is a beautiful thing when one’s work is their heart & soul as well. You can see it in her paintings….especially animals. Post more of those, Gwen.

  2. Gwen – “Blogger of the Week” Congratulations! Well deserved! Your blog is one of the best of so many good blogs. I always look forward to your posts. Your paintings are great – so much talent and creativity. And this little article is fun and nice to learn more about you and your work. Your sister’s comment is so sweet – she is obviously very proud of you. Again – Congratulations!!

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