EBSQ Spotlight on Still Life: Heide Hibbard

This month’s featured gallery is Still Life. A still life is a collection of inanimate objects depicted in an artistic composition and is a genre that has always been a staple for artists. Setting up a still life is an exercise in composition. Painting or photographing the composition is an exercise in technique. The result of these efforts is a work of art. Throughout the month of January, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of EBSQ’s still life artists.

Heide Hibbard

Readers Tea - Heide Hibbard

My preferred subject matter for painting is still lifes. In high school my favorite teacher loved setting up still life scenes. I enjoyed looking through the boxes of odd objects she collected that she thought might challenge us with their unusual shapes and textures. I have my own collection of objects and treasures that have little to do with any kind of decorative statement in my home. I keep them all on shelves in my painting room. Many of the items I collected because I liked the color. I find I have a number of things that are different blue, rust (real rust on iron objects) golds, silver or red. There are a lot of books that I have collected for the way the cover has faded or the spine is worn looking making the letters barely legible. There are many pieces that have shapes that I think will juxtapose nicely with other shapes or just help tell a story when added to a scene.

When I create a still life painting I am arranging my personal treasures and beloved everyday items in a way that tells a story of sorts. My still life arrangements are ways of expressing, in a veiled kind of way, who I am or what my point of view is. I create and paint in this way for my own self, but hope that it is enjoyed by others because I like to sell what I paint. – Heide Hibbard

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