EBSQ Spotlight on Artistic Nudes: Miriam Schulman

This month’s featured gallery is Artistic Nudes. The nude is a classic subject for artists and is of endless fascination and challenge. There are many types of nudes, in all degrees of undress and all manner of poses. Some are intended to make a statement, some are part of a story and some are just a celebration of the human form.

Miriam Schulman

Silk Pillows - Miriam Schulman



I pour my heart in soul into creating my nude figure studies. The style of my artwork is modern, yet impressionistic. Sometimes I venture into abstraction working on canvas with thick brushes and oil paints but my largest body of work is with watercolor. The composition and technique I use is influenced and inspired by Sargent, Charles Reid and Alice Neel. I tend to anonymise my subjects or impose my own emotions onto them. There is an eclectic interaction between artist and subject in my work where their feelings transform my own and my own feelings transform the art.

My figurative artwork is often sensual and sometimes tastefully erotic as create a narration in my head for the subject and a back story, and a character. – Miriam Schulman

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