EBSQ Spotlight on Artistic Nudes: Barbara Jensen

This month’s featured gallery is Artistic Nudes. The nude is a classic subject for artists and is of endless fascination and challenge. There are many types of nudes, in all degrees of undress and all manner of poses. Some are intended to make a statement, some are part of a story and some are just a celebration of the human form.

Barbara Jensen

Funk - Barbara Jensen

The human form has always fascinated me in a curious way since I was very young and I’ve been drawing and painting nudes since I can remember.  The sensual curves, the flexibility and all of the nooks and crannies of the human body.  And what I find real fun is that each one is totally different in so many ways.  Female nudes have been my focus since I got my first Barbie doll.  In my work I try to portray the softness of the skin and try to stay away from hard lines but in the future I would like to get into some more dramatic work using the contrast of shadow.  I just love experimenting with different media and styles but I have become a slave to detail so I find it hard to loosen up.  I challenge myself!

I also love an expressive face.  In my opinion the face is the hardest thing to capture and can make or break the piece.  I can’t count how many works I’ve scrapped because I mess that up, so now I always do the face first.  Live and learn! – Barbara Jensen

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