EBSQ Spotlight on Fantasy Art: Carmen Keys

This month’s featured gallery is Fantasy Art and it is one of our most-populous and popular galleries at EBSQ.  The artists that are drawn to this genre take the fanciful images and stories that live within them and share them with everyone. Throughout October, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of EBSQ’s fantasy artists.

Carmen Keys

Strangely Familiar - Carmen Keys

I love to create whimsical and fantastical art that speaks to the childlike part of us all that looks on small and simple things with wonder.  I am a Christian and my inspiration is always from the beauty, innocence, love, glory, and endless creativity of God.  His creation is a constant source of imagery for my paintings, as I love to draw things from the natural world like plants, animals, and people in a fantastical/imaginative way.  Imagination is a wonderful gift, and it has a way of connecting with others’ hopes and dreams like nothing else does. – Carmen Keys

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