EBSQ Spotlight on Fantasy Art: Carie S

This month’s featured gallery is Fantasy Art and it is one of our most-populous and popular galleries at EBSQ.  The artists that are drawn to this genre take the fanciful images and stories that live within them and share them with everyone. Throughout October, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of EBSQ’s fantasy artists.

Carie S

Untitled - Carie S

Fantasy Art ideas can arrive in may different ways during the day so keep your eyes peeled for them because just yesterday I was looking at this person and thinking to myself “How interesting that person is!” and as it turned out I was really looking at three people who were standing really, really close to each other.  So now I HAVE to go to my studio and make that mistake that my mind thought it saw “Three people who are really only ONE.” The middle person will only have a nose, mouth, torso and wings of course. Poor little middle person, he can only fly, eat and smell the people next to him.  Kind of funny/sad…..but that is what I think fantasy is made from. Reading things wrong, misinterpreting what you see, hearing something that others don’t hear and letting it happen – then quick write it down before you forget. Then go look for more because reality might in. – Carie S

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