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Come follow us at Twitter
Come follow us at Twitter

I discovered Twitter through a good friend back in Fall 2006 and finally got around to creating a personal account in February 2007.  A month later, Twitter went nuts at a little conference known as SXSWi.  A month after that, it occurred to me that EBSQ should have an outpost on Twitter as well, so we created our Twitter account. Just two short years later, the service has become ubiquitous.  Lots of you have gotten on board the Twitter crazy train and are using Twitter to connect with each other and art buyers around the globe.  Now, we’ve made it easier for you to connect.  If you’re a paid EBSQ member, you’ll see there’s now a place to add your Twitter id in your External Links list.  Just add your user name and we’ll autogenerate a link directly to your profile.

Come tweet with us! You’ll find us at
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