Start your week off with a dose of inspiration

Art: A Monday Morning in Barichara 9 (B&W) by Artist Alan R Estes
A Monday Morning in Barichara 9 (B&W) by Alan R Estes

Like most typical Mondays, I started my day with a nice warm cuppa and some quality time with my feed reader to ease into the work week.  I saw two fantastic posts today that I simply had to share.

The first is over at Empty Easel. Kate Harper has posted a very motivational interview with Rice Freeman-Zachery, author of Creative Time and Space: Making Room for Making Art.  

QUESTION: What is the most common reasons artists give you, to explain why their art is “on hold”? How can we avoid this before it happens?

Everyone likes to talk about how their families couldn’t adapt if they took over the living room for painting, or quit cooking dinner, or didn’t do carpool duty several days a week.

The one, single, biggest problem, is that people don’t take their creative lives seriously.

What you need to think about is what you want to remember as you’re lying on your deathbed. Do you want to remember mounds of snowy, neatly folded sheets, or do you want to remember painting a tree?

And how do you think your family wants to remember you? As someone who always had shiny tableware, or as someone who was joyously mixing pigments and singing at the easel?

Your family loves you; they want you to be happy. If you’re an artist, you can’t be really happy unless you’re creating.

Check out the full interview:   10+ Ways to Make Time for Your Art: An Interview with Rice Freeman-Zachery

The second comes from Alyson Stanfield:

Not too long ago, I was using the Art Biz Blog to post short snippets of information. For instance, in an October 2007 post, I mentioned a blog entry by someone else and encouraged you to read it. I wouldn’t do that today. Instead, I’d use Twitter and tweet it. Or I’d write a longer blog post that went more in-depth about the original post: what was good about it, what I disagree with, etc. Social media has evolved and changed the way I approach blogging. Here is how I see the missions for the top three social media platforms I use.

Read Alyson’s full post where she discusses her personal strategies for blogging, Facebook, and Twitter: Outline a Social Media Mission

Have you read something that really inspired you today? Feel free to share it in the comments!

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