Thinking about EJA? 3 Reasons to Apply

EBSQ Juried Artists are accepting applications for new members through 20 October 2009.  New to the program? On the fence about applying? Here’s three compelling reasons to jump into the fray:

EJA is peer-juried. Unlike other art sites with a juried section, ours is a peer rather than an editorial review, based solely on the quality of your art and online presentation of your work, not “taste” or “experience.” The jurors are your fellow artists, who previously went through the process themselves.

An in-depth critique like no other.  Ours is a blind-submission/blind-juror process. The jurors do not know the identity of the artists whose work they’re reviewing, nor even the identity of the other jurors. What they see is your five pieces of art (with its accompanying artist statements) stripped of your personal information.  And what you’ll get back is amazing. Because it’s anonymous, our jurors are able to give you unbiased feedback about your submissions and online presentation style. Even artists who haven’t been accepted have found the process to be valuable.

Access to a community of peers (and additional EBSQ shows). In addition to the accolades that accepted members showcase in their portfolios, EJA members have access to an additional private member forum and shows that are EJA-only.  To borrow a phrase from American Express, membership has its privileges!

Thinking about applying? Have questions? We have answers! Feel free to ask here, or stop by the official EBSQ Juried Artists Q & A forum at your leisure.  (you must be logged into the forums to post this section)

Good luck!