EBSQ Spotlight on Abstract: Geometric – Moshiur Rahman

This month’s featured gallery is Abstract: Geometric. It’s geometry as art – angles and geometric shapes used to convey feeling and mood. Assembled in a manner that often appears random but have been deliberately placed by the artist with purpose. It is a form of communication that may escape some, but to others, speaks volumes. Throughout the month of September, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of our artists that create abstract art with geometric shapes.

Moshiur Rahman

Dreams 2 - Moshiur Rahman

Creating abstract art is an attempt to understand what we normally do not understand, and adding geometric shapes to it, is a story telling or communication process to achieve that. Main attraction, motivation and challenges are how successfully an artist can configure a story or message just by playing with geometric shapes and colors.  And I try to incorporate all that into my work. – Moshiur Rahman

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