Tangent: Pack Pamela’s

Pancake Breakfast by Kelly Sheridan
Pancake Breakfast by Kelly Sheridan

I’d admit this post has absolutely nothing to do with art. Unless you consider crepe-style chocolate chip banana pancakes to be an art.  As you may know, Pittsburgh, home of EBSQ, was also home to the G20 this past week. And like other forums of this nature, Pittsburgh saw its share of protesters and just general rabble rousers out to break stuff because they could. One of the businesses that saw damage was Pamela’s in Oakland.

Now, I take this as a personal offense. My mom worked at Pamela’s many moons ago when she went to Pitt. And when I took my turn at Pitt  roughly 20 years later, this is where my family always went for breakfast when they came to visit me.  Pittsburgers agree this diner is a local treasure.  It makes no sense to me that a family-run small-business would get its front window shattered by people protesting corporate greed.  But that’s unfortunately what happened.

University of Pittsburgh student Heath Curran decided to do something to help. He’s organized a “Pack Pamela’s” event this morning, starting at 11am. According to the WTAE,

Protesters tossed bricks and garbage at several targets in Oakland, including Pamela’s Diner, which had a plate glass window smashed. A local student is trying to help by launching an event called “Pack Pamela’s.” The idea is to have as many people pack the restaurant for as long as possible to help repair the business.

“This is more about being Pittsburghers, and as a Pittsburgher, we don’t let these things happen — and not only that, we get together and fix them,” said Heath Curran, the organizer. 


So if you’re in Oakland (or even if you’re not), I hope you’ll consider stopping by, even if only to have a cup of joe.  But if you have a little more time, try the pancakes.  They’re awesome.


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