Time’s running out for September entries

Hey artists, there are 4 days left to enter your artwork into one (or more) of EBSQ’s September exhibits:


From 9/1/2009 thru 9/30/2009

Online Art Exhibit:  Rodents

What has continuously growing incisors that must be kept short by gnawing, can weigh anywhere from .25 ounces to 180 pounds and is found … more


One-Word Concept: Deconstructed

From 9/1/2009 thru 9/30/2009

Online Art Exhibit:  One-Word Concept: Deconstructed

This month’s word: DECONSTRUCTED Unlike our traditional EBSQ exhibits which are very structured, the point of EBSQ “one word concepts” is … more


Flower of the Month: Butterfly Bush

From 9/1/2009 thru 9/30/2009

Online Art Exhibit:  Flower of the Month: Butterfly Bush

This September, we’re featuring a favourite for all butterfly lovers: Buddleia, more commonly known as Butterfly Bush. This show is open … more

And we do hope you’ll consider chipping in–100% of the proceeds go directly to the MEMBER’S CHOICE winner, to be selected by you for each show!

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