It’s our birthday-and YOU could win a present!

Art: Poka-Dot Birthday by Artist Delilah Smith  EBSQ is very excited to be celebrating its 9th year of operation. It seems like yesterday that we were a small rag-tag group of artists selling our work on eBay. My, how we’ve grown!  And to kick of the party, we’d like to offer you a chance to win a FREE YEAR with EBSQ.

There are two ways you can enter the free-year drawing:

  • Simply reply to this blog post letting us know why you love EBSQ.
  • Follow us on Twitter and send us an @EBSQ note (not a direct tweet).

You can do either–or both! Just do it before 11pm EDT on 09/10/09. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on our blog  on 09/11/09.

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19 thoughts on “It’s our birthday-and YOU could win a present!

  1. I love EBSQ because they give the living artist a chance and the tools to share our art with the world.
    Thank you EBSQ for help us make our dreams come true.

    K. King

  2. I joined EBSQ 5 years ago as an experiment because it was the only way I could afford any kind of website. I knew absolutely nothing about it, and the only reason I joined was because one of my favorite contemporary artists had a home on EBSQ so I trusted it immediately.

    Since then, the most important benefit I’ve received from EBSQ is friendship. I never thought it would have been possible to develop friendships on the Internet, but I have made some friends here that are very valuable to me, and EBSQ made that possible. There is a certain camaraderie here that I have never experienced anywhere else. For that reason alone I would never leave EBSQ.

    I also love EBSQ for the wealth of information, the fun themed exhibitions, tutorials, and everything else in-between.

    Being a member at EBSQ means the world to me,there’s great shows to enter,the templates to help with ebay sales,the counters enable you to keep track.Being able to maintain the C.O.A. of the art you sell,which makes you seem more professional.
    But more than anything to me is the comradery between all the members and the administrators,if you need help with something,you just need to ask,someones always willing to help.and i love the talk in the forums,to be able to show a work in progress and getting all kinds of tips to help you.In all its just a great place and i’m proud to say i’m a member.

  4. Happy Birthday!
    EBSQ is a great group of friendly and helpful folks. The monthly shows are helpful to me as I like to have an “assignment” to get painting/illustration ideas from!
    I joined EBSQ at the very same time I launched my art business about 4 years ago, so you guys have been with me the whole time thus far. 🙂
    Thanks guys!

  5. What do I like about EBSQ? Here are just a few thoughts…

    As my main web presence EBSQ provides everything I need in one location. It holds my personal Profile and Portfolio where I can display virtually endless images. If I want to, I can also sell art directly from my portfolio. Just as important to me is the way EBSQ promotes its members with features such as Art of the Day, monthly exhibitions, eZine articles, and more. Finally, EBSQ has a stromg community of artists on the member forums who support artist at all levels in their carreers with art advice, critiques, encouragement, and friendship. One of my favorite EBSQ memories is a real-life collaborative show that several EBSQers participated in. It was great fun to be able to meet my friends and fellow artists in person.

    Happy Birthday EBSQ! And thank you!

  6. I love ebsq because you always keep up with the times and look sooooooo cutting edge. It’s fun, friendly, educational and you can always find something cool on ebsq.

  7. Happy Birthday, EBSQ

    The professional up-scale portfolios are what drew me in first to EBSQ. Several art card artists on Ebay have portfolios here, and I’d followed their links back to EBSQ. Then the professional main page drew me in. And then the forums. The forums were like finding a city full of artists to talk to! Also the contests, challenges, and exhibits. And the portfolio software was relatively easy for me to use, and that’s saying a lot because I’m not very computer savvy. So many more reasons, so little time 😉

    Happy Birthday, and here’s to many more!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Which reminds me, it is almost time to pay the bill….HA!

    There are no words to describe my love for EBSQ~ I could not do what I do without you! Thank you so much for excellent service and overwhelming support for my art. I will be with you as long as you are here….and it is not because I am addicted to the counters!

    Love you all!


  9. I love ebsq because it is a place to gab with other artists – about art, professionalism or even talk about Shannon’s and Heather’s real life chickens. I feel like I have made real friends there and can almost always find answers to any questions I have about art or life 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday EBSQ. There are too many likes to list, but I think the main thing for me is having an internet “home” for all my stuff and being able to see so many other talented artists in one place and actually connecting with a few through the shows/swaps and such. Thanks for all that and more.

  11. What can I say? I love ebsq! I have been away for a few years, but I missed it the whole time and kept thinking wistfully about returning every I saw mention of the name, so I finally made the comeback today! I remember when ebsq was only a year old when I first joined, right after I started selling my art on eBay, it was a sound choice then and I believe it a sound choice today. The caliber of art here is such a cut above! It’s fabulous. I hope to see old freinds and meet new ones 🙂
    :)Kimberly aka Stage Dragon

  12. Ack, I’m late! But happy birthday anyway.
    What do I love about EBSQ? Where to start?
    It’s the best place to host your own portfolio and see what a wide variety of artists are doing; and it’s a community of artists to whom I can always turn for personal and professional support, and among whom I have found real friendship.

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