EBSQ just got bigger

Big Carrot Back at My Place by Fabio J Napoleoni
Big Carrot Back at My Place by Fabio J Napoleoni

Well, sort of! We recently got feedback from a member stating that she was less than happy with how small her images were here compared to elsewhere. So, we took a critical look at our display sizes, as well as the thumbnail display sizes of other art and photography venues online. And she was right. Our images, in comparison, were downright tiny at 100 x 100 pixels. So, we’ve embiggened our thumbnails to a whopping 166 x 166 which we think GREATLY enhances the viewing experience on our site because in the end, it’s all about your art.

Want to see our new size in context?

What do you think of the change?

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8 thoughts on “EBSQ just got bigger

  1. I just love it!!! A really great improvment.It helps the veiwer to see the art so much better,And that means a lot to us, who have paypal buttons in our gallery listings.thanks so very much.

  2. You weren’t kidding when you said it enhances the viewing experience! It’s like looking at all new work, almost like a new website. I can see the details (love them details).

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