Treasuries in Action: Orange you Envy Green And More

Christi Lynn Schwartzkopf ws nice enough to snag a Team EBSQ-Etsy treasury for us. It showcases some nice warm oranges and soft greens.

Orange You Envy Green
Orange You Envy Green

This treasury is comprised of artwork by:  Barbara Haviland, Beth Fiedel, Christina A Kapono, Charlene Murray Zatloukal, Amanda Makepeace, Kim Niles, Christi Lynn Schwartzkopf, Theodora Demetriades, Heide Hibbard, Dana Marie, Sidhe Kalas,  and Aja.

Theodora Demetriades also snagged us another Team EBSQ-Etsy treasury! Two in one day are we not the lucky ones?

Lottery Winners Artwork
Lottery Winners Artwork

This treasury features the artwork of: Charlene Murray Zatloukal, Aja, Valerie A. Brock, Shelly Bedsaul, Sidhe Kalas, Christi Lynn Schwartzkopf, Stephen Stafford, Torrie Smiley, Tracey Allyn Greene, Theodora Demetriades, Vicky Knowles, and Spicedragon.

Be sure to come by and click around! These treasuries are only valid for a short time!

Don’t forget Team EBSQ-Etsy members to post your Dog Days of Summer showcase entries!! 😀 Deadline is the 26th!

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Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ-Etsy


4 thoughts on “Treasuries in Action: Orange you Envy Green And More

  1. I love these treasuries! Both show the wonderful diversity of artists on the EBSQ Etsy Street Team.

    Thank you Christi for including me in Orange you Envy Green! 😀

  2. Thank you for using our treasuries on the blog. Christi and I are having a lot of fun putting these together. What is funny is that we don’t check to see what one another is listing and we keep coming up with either the same colors or at least a repeat with one artist. There is such an awesome group of artists on EBSQ that it is difficult to only use 12 pieces.
    Come on and join the EBSQ TEAM and be a part of the TREASURY action.

  3. I recently came across your blog and wanted to thank you for the mention. It’s so cool that a little image comes up when we mouse over the names. Wow…technology still amazes me:)

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