Team EBSQ-Etsy Must-Have Monday

Kris Jean here, back from a nice vacation to bring you some great goodies from our fabulous Team EBSQ-Etsy

Own it today!

Steps Landscape
Steps Landscape

by Barbara Haviland

Writes of Passage I
Writes of Passage I
by Elis Cooke

Deep Ocean
Deep Ocean

by Heather Mathieson


Lots of goings on with Team EBSQ-Etsy! We currently have two themes in vote off. So come by and put in your two cents for Jan 2010 & June 2010!

We also are accepting listings for our August theme “Dog Days of Summer” showcase (which now run on the last friday of the month). The deadline for participation is the 26th of August!

While I was in Charleston (with fellow artists Donna Gill-Colestock and Robin Cruz McGee), Heide Hibbard, did a great job keepin Team EBSQ-Etsy from falling apart – so I owe her a special THANK YOU!

I also need to thank Theodora Demetriades, and Christi Lynn Schwartzkopf who were kind enough to snag a couple of treasuries last week. They currently have two treasuries going on now: Purple And Green Gotta Haves and Artworks Dream Team. These are scheduled to end today so hurry up and click around and comment before the disappear!

If you have an Etsy store, and are a member of EBSQ in good standing be sure to come by and join! Why join? Becoming an official member of Team EBSQ-Etsy gets you eligible for Featured Friday, Must Have Monday, Team Treasuries, and our Monthly showcases. (and lots more coming soon!…….but more on that later!)

Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ-Etsy


4 thoughts on “Team EBSQ-Etsy Must-Have Monday

  1. Beautiful pieces in this blog!! It would be difficult to choose a favorite out of these three paintings. Pure perfection!!

    Thank you for mentioning the Treasuries that Christi and I have been working on.We are both having a good time setting these up. If you are an EBSQ ETSY TEAM member try snagging a treasury great way to market your own work and the work of other EBSQ ETSY TEAM MEMBERS!!


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