EBSQ Spotlight on Fibre Art: Wendy L. Feldmann

This month’s featured gallery is Fibre Art. The fibre arts involve creating art with fibre. It sounds neat and simple, but the fibre arts are so varied that it is like saying that there are fish in the sea; it’s hardly an adequate description. Fibre art includes spinning and weaving. Also quilting and collage. It encompasses sculpture and apparel and felting and more. Fibre art is any piece of art made with fibre and it’s application is almost endless.

Wendy L. Feldmann

Quilted Guild ID Tag - Wendy L. Feldmann
Quilted Guild ID Tag - Wendy L. Feldmann

I’ve been interested in all sorts of fibre arts ever since I was a little kid. I remember making a whole collection of soft-sculpture critters that I played with for hours on end. Endlessly fascinated with crochet and my Mattel Knit Magic, I would save my allowance to purchase one more skein of yarn…

When I was rather young, my mom tried to teach me to sew on a sewing machine, maybe before I was ready. I remember her admonishing me that Things Needed To Be Hemmed, and the idea really bugged me. Maybe that really stuck with me – maybe that’s why I love the free-motion/collage-style quilting that I’ve developed. There are no edges to be turned under. It’s just layers of fabric, used to like paint, to create images.

Some of my earliest creations were crocheted outfits invented for my stuffed rabbit companion. Over the years I’ve found myself knitting with lots of colors (inspired by Kaffe Fassett in the late 80’s), weaving on a floor loom (my BFA focused on Weaving), batiking, embroidering, tie-dying, macrame-ing, designing and creating stuffed animals, dying fabrics and fibers, quilting, crocheting cat beds, and currently I’m needle-felting.

I’m a Color-and-Texture junkie. I heed my Inner Magpie. I love things that sparkle, and I dearly love color – lots of it. Some of my favorite moments are spent lost in a yarn store or a fabric store. Or wandering in a thrift store, entranced by the rows of color and texture.

Other art forms fascinate me. I love to create illustrations, to paint things with what I think of as my “Gypsy-Caravan Style”, and I am a professional Henna Artist. But I always seem to come back around to Fiber Arts.

The common thread…? (er, fiber?): I’m fascinated with transforming yarn or fabric. Usually into something brightly colored.  – Wendy L. Feldmann

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  1. We have two of Wendy’s pieces of art, commisioned by my sister for each of my children when they were very small. They are gorgeous and fascinating–so intricate I find some new creature or feature every time I look. They will be treasured family heirlooms. Thank you, Wendy!

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