Artist Guide: Not Taking Risks Is Foolish

by Natasha Wescoat of

When you think of risk taking, you can see some person throwing all their money into an idea, losing their job, their family, their “riches” and ending up on the streets. Risk taking shouldn’t equal foolishness. Planning is part of risk taking. Planning and risk taking can work together. I explain how many of us artists make it work in the online world, amidst a struggling economy and evolving web. I explain how NOT taking risks is FOOLISH…

I was watching a video by Gary Vaynerchuk ( about how too many entrepreneurs try to plan out and predict the future and in turn continually lose out. I see business owners base their moves, their actions on what it may or may not do for them. They obsess over whether it will work or not, and miss out on the possibilities their ideas and businesses could bring out.

It reminds me of a topic I’ve wanted to discuss for so long on how an artist/creative business should go about promoting and selling their work.

How do I do it?

I don’t ask questions.
I don’t research for months before I try something.
I don’t wait.


In this day and age, when technology is evolving and changing so fast, you have to become an “early adopter“.  New sites and applications and ideas are being created everyday and its changing up at a faster rate each time. An early adopter seeks out and tries new things in technology and the web. Myself, that is simply part of my nature. I LOVE technology and always want to try out the latest gadget, application, or software. That has been what has made me come to where I am today, I believe. Though I wouldn’t say throw out the talk about finding your niche and target audience. In general – becoming an early adopter means you won’t worry yet about how this will affect your outcome.


I knew a man who had so many amazing talents. He was a good speaker, a talented writer, and had all kinds of amazing ideas for business models and creative products. But the man NEVER put any of his ideas into action. That man talked about his ideas for years, only to end up later working in a party store, with nothing in bank, and living paycheck to paycheck. His amazing ideas thrown away and never attempted.

He could have researched. He could have talked to people. Who could have attempted to put these products and ideas into the tangible. But he didn’t do any of those things.

Making what you want to happen does require you have the talent and skills to offer something of value to people as a whole. If you aren’t a good artist, chances are you can’t do this. So now that we got that thought pushed aside, lets talk about risks.

IF you have the talent/skills, you have a chance at this . . . if you TAKE THE RISKS.

– Time
– Emotions
– Work
– Research
– Building relationships
– Making the work
– Training yourself

You have to throw out “weighing the risks”. You have to shelve those thoughts of doubt and fear. There is no room for conceiving the outcome. You have to go for the goal unconciously, passionately, and with ambition. Don’t worry about whether this or that makes you money.

Following your passion and trying out new things should be the only thing on your mind.


If you seek out ideas, try out new things, and make connections the success becomes the icing on the cake. Your intentions are true. Your purpous is fulfilled.

So many artists say “I want to do what I love” but do you really understand what that means? You have to FIRST gain the focus required. To THINK doing what you love!

Now, when I talk about risk taking, I’m not necessarily saying “Quit your job! Throw your money away!” No – preparation is part of risk taking. But it’s when you let go of your fears, doubt, inhibitions, and attempts at predicting the outcome that you truly can plan your future as a creative business. Not taking the risk is foolish.


Opening your eyes to opportunity
– Seeking out new things
– Allowing yourself to plan
– Allowing yourself to BE.


Moving where the opportunities are
Letting go of something when it fails
– Changing plans
Trying again

Can you let go? Can you allow yourself to try new things? Can you see opportunities whereever you are? Can you focus on your passion at hand and not worry whether it will work or not?


3 thoughts on “Artist Guide: Not Taking Risks Is Foolish

  1. thank you for this…

    funny how things you’ve been struggling with and hangups can be laid out on someone’s blog and your shown what you need to do to make things happen.

    i stumbled this on a night i really needed to hear it.

    thanks, again….

  2. Thanks for writing this article. I lost count of how many times I’ve been asked by friends and acquaintances how much that new idea might cost me or that show I want to exhibit at, that you second guess yourself as a creative and heaven forbid…you hold back. Now I can show them this article.

  3. I found this on Stumbleupon Thanks for the motivation regarding risk taking. I like the idea that waiting kills;I like to say that impatience is my greatest virtue.

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