EBSQ welcomes the Caravan of Whuffie to the Burgh

cc) Kenneth Yeung - www.thelettertwo.com
cc) Kenneth Yeung - http://www.thelettertwo.com

About a month ago, I saw a tweet from my friend Tara Hunt (social media maven and author of the recent “The Whuffie Factor”) talking about something that involved a Winnebago, social media, whuffie, karaoke, and Pittsburgh.  Volunteering to help out was a no-brainer.  Jump to this week and we’re pleased to announce that EBSQ and the Pittsburgh Technology Council will be hosting Whuffaoke or Bust this Saturday at the Pgh Tech HQ  (2000 Technology Drive, Pittsburgh 15219) at 7:30pm.  If you’re in town this weekend, we hope you’ll stop by. Rumour has it there will be some EBSQ swag up for grabs and there’s a good chance you’ll get to hear me sing (badly, lol).


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