Simon says… The 60’s, Hippies, Psychedelic winner announced!

The winner of this week’s Simon Sez challenge is Vikki King. Alma Lee had requested a trip back to the 1960’s with her theme. She explained her reasons for choosing Vikki’s entry thus… “Oh let’s face it, the entries are all so (groovimus)! I have so enjoyed this nostalgic trip. In the pursuit of art with a reason, the lyrics from Barry McGuire’s “Eve of Destruction “What are we fighting for?” so quickly came to my mind. “Soldier of Peace” by Vikki King so poignantly answers the question and illustrates the magical and monumental struggles of the ’60’s decade. No matter which side of the debate you were/are on, all any of us ever wanted was… Peace, Man, PEACE.”

Soldier Of Peace - Vikki King
Soldier Of Peace - Vikki King

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Congratulations Vikki! We look forward to your turn as Simon.

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