EBSQ 1:1 with Theodora Demetriades

How long have you been creating?

I was aware that I wanted to paint when I was four years old. My Mom was doing a portrait of me in watercolors and when I checked it out to see if it looked like me I remember thinking that I wanted to do that and I had the audacity to think that at 4 I could do it better than my artist Mother. Because my Mom always encouraged me by first grade I was constantly drawing and painting. So I suppose that the creative germ has been in my brain for about 60 years!! Yes I am as old as dirt!!!

What, besides your art, brings you creative fulfillment?

I would have to say that my garden is a great source for inspiration and fulfillment. Just like my paintings my garden is crammed with detail. I keep meaning to have a sign made TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH.

What are your motivations for creating?

I honestly don’t know how or what is the root of my motivation for creating…it is some inner drive. Maybe with all of the artists in my family it is something in our gene pool.My Mom besides being a painter and sculpture also sang Opera,my Dad sang Opera, I have cousins who are artists, an aunt and uncle who are artists,my Husband who is an artist,my Daughter who is a ballerina and now an artist. Plus a cousin who runs a successful gallery in Philadelphia and of course also is and is married to an artist.

[Read more in Theodora’s portfolio]

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6 thoughts on “EBSQ 1:1 with Theodora Demetriades

  1. Thank you for the invitation to do an interview!! My poor family has been bombarded by my excitment over this honor. What fun to be included in the fantastic group of artists who have had this opportunity. I am not a writer but did give it my best try. I just hope that I have made people curious enough to check out my work. Everything that I have listed on EBSQART.COM in my portfolio is an ACEO (ART CARDS EDITIONS AND ORIGINALS ) a movement that seems to be getting larger and larger. A super way to collect art without paying a fortune for work. There are many ACEO art works out there that are done by painters who will probably be highly collectible. Take a chance get on the ACEO bandwagon!!


  2. Lovely work Theodora, you have such a pleasing and unique style! Congrats on the interview…your family must be very proud!

  3. What a great interview, Theodora. I’ve seen your work many times on EBSQ forums and I love seeing what you will do next. Looking forward to seeing more 🙂


    1. Beth, Thank you for your kind comments, I am still thrilled by the honor and fun of doing the interview. I just hope that it will inspire other artists to try their hand at creating ACEO pieces. This is such a fun way to promote your work.

  4. Ann, I appreciate your taking the time to comment on the interview. It was a bit intimidating to chose pieces that are representative of my ACEO work. I have to admit I kind of am walking around my house making everyone look at my interview…..like a kid who has brought home a paper with an A*.


  5. It is nice to read about an artist who’s name is so familiar from seeing her entries in to various shows on EBSQ. Congradulations to Theodora!

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