EBSQ Spotlight on Hot Glass Art: Vickie Miller

This month’s featured gallery is Glass Art: Hot.  There are three types of glass work – cold glass, warm glass and hot glass. Hot glass involves a flame. Whether the flame of a torch or the flames of a furnace, the result is striking and captivating to behold.  Throughout June, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some EBSQ artists who work with hot glass.

Vickie Miller

Pendant - Vickie Miller
Pendant - Vickie Miller

As a jewelry designer being able to create my own lampwork glass beads means I can customize the design into pretty much anything I want. I get to choose the color, the shape, the texture, and the mood. I can choose a floral designed bead for a feminine feel or I may want a more organic, earthy look. A funky chicken applied to a large focal piece adds a lighthearted bit of whimsy and draws plenty of interest. – Vickie Miller

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  1. please mail me if you would like to submit items for publication on my site, good luck with your beautiful work.

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