Still time to get Ripped Off! (it’s an Art thing)

Looking for an awesome collaborative art event? You’ve found it! This coming July, we’ll be hosting our 9th annual Ripped Off show!

If you haven’t done a Ripped show in the past, here’s how it works: you pair up with someone, and go through their portfolio and “rip off” a piece of their artwork. It can be one piece or a combination, your interpretation of their work, ideas, medium, technique. We invite you to check out past years’ exhibits to get an idea of the sort of things you can do. You must pair up with someone from EBSQ. Rip Offs of non-EBSQ art, like redoing the Mona Lisa or ripping off Picasso is not allowable for this show.

So, start pairing up! If you’re looking for a partner, sign up here, or feel free to contact someone privately and see if they’d like to partner with you, then post it here to let us know you’re paired. Have at it!

This is like any other show, you can have up to 5 entries…

Entries will be accepted through 30 July 2009.

Have fun and good luck!

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5 thoughts on “Still time to get Ripped Off! (it’s an Art thing)

  1. Is it OK to actually rip yourself? I have been wanting to do one of my older window collage pieces as a new fabric quilt piece.

    1. Ok, here’s the deal: since collaboration is at the heart of Ripped Off, we’re not going to allow it for this show. BUT based on your request as well as John Borrero’s story about his current AOTD piece, we’ve decided, why not make this into a full-blown show next year? So–go ahead and redo your older piece in a new medium; we’re adding “The Redux Show” to next year’s exhibition calendar!

      Thanks to you and JB for the inspiration!

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