AOTD Extra- John Borrero on Daphne

Daphne by John Borrero
Daphne by John Borrero

If you’ve glanced at our front page, are on our AOTD mailing list, or get our AOTD via feed or Google Gadget, you’ve likely already seen today’s brilliant Art of the Day piece, “Daphne” by New York artist (and longtime EBSQ’er) John Borerro.  John was delighted to see his work selected for today’s Art of the Day and shared the following story about her on our forums. With his permission, we’re sharing it here for you as well!

There is actually more to the story of Daphne. Daphne is one of the only pieces I’ve ever done twice, because I was so enamored with the story. You ever do that? You make a piece, and then years later you look back and think “I’d like to do that piece again, knowing what I know now…” so that’s what I did. When I first made a Daphne years ago, I wasn’t comfortable enough with my own work to make free standing pieces. Once that changed, she was one of the first ones I wanted to try. Still, she took waaaaay long to make.

And then I took her to the ACC Baltimore show and she was adopted by a lovely woman in Virginia, who took me to her house and had me help her decide where it should go in her home. (I had been asked to do this once before, and I really like this, actually… ) Then while I was there, I got to look around and see that her house was basically a museum.  She had hundreds of pieces of art in her home.  She said that she wasn’t leaving money for her family, but that she had decided that art would be what she left behind for her loved ones when she passed away.

So, Daphne is in Virginia, on the countryside, sitting in this giant picture window overlooking a bay… where she will hopefully be until she is passed on.

John Borrero

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