Simon Sez… Splash!

This week’s Simon is W. Kevin Murray and the theme he chose is “Splash“. He explains it this way… “It’s pretty much Summer time around here… As Alice Cooper once sang, “Schools out forever !!” Every Friday after 5:00PM there is the made rush of people headed towards the shore. Another telltale sign of Summer is that my wife made me bring down her lawn chair and floaty things from the attic and stick them in her car so she can go to her swim club on the weekends. When the temperature rises everybody is drawn towards the water be it sea, lake or favorite swimming hole. No matter if your very young or your “getting up there in years” waters attraction is timeless.

And whats the first thing you do when you reach the water… SPLASH! So Simon Sez, show me some splish, splash… the wetter the better !!
Enter as many works as you want and Simon will declare the winner next Wednesday. So go ahead and soak me !!”

W. Kevin Murray
W. Kevin Murray

All Simon Sez challenges are open to everyone. To enter Simon Sez… Splash! and to see  the all the entries,  simply go to the EBSQ Forum, find Member Groups, Challenges & General Art Discussions and then go to Challenge Central. All the challenges past and present – including Simon Sez, can be found there.

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