Artist Guide: Co-working for Artists

2497369533_29a30749baby Natasha Wescoat

Co-working is a new pattern of working growing in popularity around the nation. It’s a social gathering of a group of people, who are working independently but share common interests and goals, to work in the same environment.

It’s much like having an office but you have the chance for variety and networking with others doing work in industries different from yours, which you wouldn’t find in an office environment. Co-working allows independent professionals and entrepreneurs the chance to come out of isolation and have that office environment they don’t have otherwise.

– A co-working environment can consist of a set group of people who’ve put it together or just a few people you know who want to work together in the same place for that day.

– You can co-work at coffee shops, restaurants, offices or anywhere you can imagine.

Working at home constantly, in a place where you live can become frustrating, boring, and sometimes debilitating to our work.

As artists, we can find ways to co-work, get out of the house and be productive and creative.

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