EBSQ Spotlight on Hot Glass Art: Bonnie G. Morrow

This month’s featured gallery is Glass Art: Hot.  There are three types of glass work – cold glass, warm glass and hot glass. Hot glass involves a flame. Whether the flame of a torch or the flames of a furnace, the result is striking and captivating to behold.  Throughout June, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some EBSQ artists who work with hot glass.

Bonnie G. Morrow

Lampwork Art Beads - Bonnie G. Morrow
Lampwork Art Beads - Bonnie G. Morrow

I became interested in glass early on in my life. I would go to the dime store and everyone in my family would receive something made of glass from me every year for Christmas. I have a collection of Art Glass that I have been collecting and enjoying my entire life. In 2006 I discovered lampwork beads and decided to do a little reading on it. I found that with some study, work and investment I could certainly teach myself how to make lampwork beads. It was very challenging for the first couple of years, but now it is entirely a joy. I look forward to each and every day when I get behind the torch. I learn something new everyday and this year have been working on learning how to blow glass. I also work in paints and find that working in glass is that much more intriguing, as the colors don’t mix as simply as they do in paints. One must learn to layer the colors to achieve certain outcomes. I am currently working on a new type of bead that I call watercolor beads and will be presenting them sometime in July. Glass is a wonder to work with and there is so much to know that one will never know it all. No matter how hard you work, there is always more to try, learn and do. I finish each day in the studio feeling totally uplifted, satisfied and exhausted in the most pleasant way.  – Bonnie G. Morrow

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