EBSQ Spotlight on Assemblages and Mixed Media: Mary Ann Wakeley

This month’s featured gallery is Assemblages and Mixed Media. It is arguably the most unique and diverse gallery at EBSQ.  Throughout May, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of our artists who drawn to create with a variety of materials.

Mary Ann Wakeley

Sleep State - Mary Ann Wakeley
Sleep State - Mary Ann Wakeley

I realized when I first started painting that what intrigued me most about the art I liked compared to what was in front of me as I worked, was the way a variety of elements and textures can combine in such a way that they take me out of the every day experience and bring me closer to that part of myself that can’t be explained. My response to the work of artists such as Robert Rauschenberg and painter Joan Snyder for example reach me on much different and more intense level than say a painting by Monet or even Joan Mitchell, both of whom I love as painters. The process of working with different textures is a very sensual one and a crucial element in what I do because it represents an important aspect of myself that I feel is best expressed through art. I am always looking for ways to express most truly what I am currently feeling when I work, and reaching for that perfect medium to take me there is part of the pleasure of creating, whether I am blending pastels into acrylics, or using a hard conte crayon, or splashing drips of ink. It’s a visceral as well as spiritual experience that continually gives me a new appreciation for how I experience life. – Mary Ann Wakeley

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