Open Thread: Survival Stories for Artists

Im a Survivor by Fabio J Napoleoni
“I’m a Survivor” by Fabio J Napoleoni

We’ve been spending a lot more time than usual on Twitter the past few weeks and we’ve seen a lot of people tweeting about holding sales events, making sales, and even excitement about receiving new commissions.  So we’ve been wondering:  How are you doing? Are you hanging in there? What (if anything) have you changed to keep your art business afloat in this economy?  Care to share your personal survival story?

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3 thoughts on “Open Thread: Survival Stories for Artists

  1. I am actually at the beginning of my journey, so really, everything is new. Some things that I am doing are marketing-wise ideas / experiments. Creating ACEO’s to offset material costs. Updating my website, doing a raffle-style reward program & signing up for affiliate programs. The options with the internet are vast, so concentrating on just a few things & doing them 100% are my intentions.

  2. I Love the work above! BRILLIANT!

    I am on ebay now and actually the Auctions and Best Offers are working really well for me. I really like how EBSQ has a link to ebay auctions on our pages. I use the EBSQ Coa’s and the Templates for all my auctions!

    Just painting everyday and hoping to BLOG about it!

    Check out my auctions:

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    Look me up on facebook and join my art group for EBAY sellers. (LAURA BARBOSA)


  3. Hi,
    Sells are going quite well. Prints seem to do very fine on Etsy and Ebay is where my original art sells the best. I think it helps to diversify into different sales venues ie Etsy and Ebay. And don’t forget the real world such as open studio sales and galleries, too.
    Wish there were more hours in the day and that I could paint faster!

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