Take the 10 Random Things About Art Challenge

From EBSQ Artist Noelle Hunt:

This is a challenge to all the artist & art lovers out there to try and boil down their opinions and feelings about art. Come on out and be creative! Give me your 10 random ideas about art. lets share information and opinions!

More info:

10 Random Things: Challenge Central on the EBSQ Forums

10 Random Things: YouTube


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3 thoughts on “Take the 10 Random Things About Art Challenge

  1. 1 art is tangible or intangible
    2 art is stranger than fiction or firmly based in reality.
    3 art is emotion or lack of emotion
    4 art is lighthearted or darkhearted
    5 art is famous or forgettable
    6 art is random or meticulous
    7 art is colorful or muted
    8 art is basic or has a deeper meaning
    9 art is so many shades of grey…
    10 art simply is.

  2. art is finding out who you are

    art is a visual dialogue

    art is saying things you can’t say with words

    art is a way for people to remember you

    art is a way to remember who you were

    art is a way to dream

    art is a way to hope for the future

    art is laughing

    art is crying

    art is carressing

    art is caring

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