Artist Guide: Make A Private Collector’s Club Through Twitter

by Natasha Wescoat

Twitter is one of the most influencial social media tools available to everyone, including artists as a way to connect with friends, fans, collectors, and business colleagues. If you don’t already know, it’s a microblogging tool where you can type what you are doing, reply to other Twitterers and send direct messages to others that are private.

It’s been used for everything from ranting and conversation to promotion and marketing. I could go on and on about the uses of Twitter, and will soon. But, I want to propose an idea on using Twitter that may not have been concieved yet.

Twitter allows you to protect your updates so that only the followers you want to come in can see them. Being that Twitter is excellent for making announcements, offering info and links, this would make an excellent place to hold your own private collector club/mailing list. Noone can see the updates if you didn’t approve them to follow you. And Twitter is FREE to use.

The possibilities are ENDLESS!


1.  Create your private profile and go into settings. There will be a box option that says “Protect my updates”. You want that marked so that your tweets are NOT public.

2.  Design the wallpaper and avatar to go onto the profile. You can either design your own or find a site online that offers designs for free or minimal fee.

3. Announce the private Twitter club on your mailing list, sites, blogs, social media profiles, etc.

4. Followers will start to show up on your profile, which you can approve by hand. It allows you to look up their profile. Have followers send you an email with their:
Twitter profile name, real name, and why they want to follow.

5. Decide if you’d like to monetize on the private group. You can offer them access for a fee, monthly subscription, or payments. You decide.


1. Exclusive offers and promos. Have a club only discount available to your followers.

2.  Club exclusive art or prints.
Offer something that only they can have. Maybe make it a special edition work that is created on a monthly, yearly, or seasonal basis.

3.  Special private art sales. Only the club members are allowed the discounts and offers that you give them. They are your most loyal customers. They deserve the offers. And noone outside gets to do it.

4.  Giveaways. Maybe you can giveaway a free print or special edition collectable to your club members within the group.

5.  Exclusive news feed. Announcements about new art, shows, interviews, or other events are sent to them immediately, thanks to Twitter. Before the news is posted on your site or blog, they get to hear about it.

Making a club for your loyal following builds a reputation. You are building up your collectors, and they in turn will build you up. Grassroots media is where its at, and if there are ways you can offer something special to them, they will want to tell the world!

Natasha Wescoat ( is a licensed artist and social media creative utilizing the web to promote and sell her art. Learn more about the artist at her official website or her blog, Natasha’s Art Candy (

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