Art Seen- Obama

Obama by Artist Kari Tirrell 

Obama by Kari Tirrell

It should come as no surprise that Barack Obama was well-represented in last year’s Campaign Art exhibit.  But it’s been really amazing to see an outpouring of new Obama-related artwork from EBSQ members in the past few days in particular. I have no doubts that today’s historic Inauguration will inspire even more.  Good luck, and Godspeed, Mister President!

see more Obama art at EBSQ

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6 thoughts on “Art Seen- Obama

  1. nice pictures, thank you for you sharing..

    peace & blessings from Sydney Australia

    ps- do you mind if i use that obama art in an obama related podcast?

    its a funk & soul tribute to obama and we are looking for some related images to post in the description.. i will provide links to whatever pages required.


  2. G’day Sydney Australia!

    Provided you attribute the work to Kari Tirrell and link to the original page in her portfolio, please feel free! I suspect Kari will be thrilled that her work will be seen by your listeners. 🙂

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